General ICT Consultancy

We do affordable ICT and web solutions consultancy services to individual, small and corporate businesses/institutions/organizations.

At customers request I undertake a technology audit of the organisation looking at your current infrastructure ( computers, switches, printers, servers, cables, networking, software etc) and your future needs. A full report would be provided detailing our recommendation and ways of implementing it bearing in mind the costs implication. Other services such as PC Audit Check and ICT Project Management.

We can recommend products that would meet your current and future upgrade needs. Using the Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) solution for small and medium size businesses, we are able to provide you with an unrivalled installation, support, maintenance and training.

The SBS is for businesses with computers of between 1-100. The combination of SBS, Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows and Libre Office or Microsoft Office will provide any small and medium size businesses with future proof technology that is upgrade-able and fit in with any new technology for the next five years.