AMERL System Features

AMERL System Features

<> Stop waiting for days or even weeks to see data

With AMERL System, you can get field data in minutes. Use your time making decisions that matter, not doing data entry. You don’t need mobile or WiFi signal for this to work. Collect the data and sync it later if you want to. Work anywhere you want, no matter how remote.

<> Showing beats telling

Your colleagues, users and donors need to be able to see exactly how your strategy is working. Our integrated tools and dashboards deliver comprehensive reports to monitor your impact over time. Getting everybody on the same page will make your team unstoppable.

<> Go beyond data collection

Graduate beyond data collection to start managing your field staff’s activities. With AMERL System, field officers can view personalized portfolios of clients, including activity history. Collecting data is just the beginning.

<> Go beyond the field reports

Do you trust the reports from your field officers? Were the reported activities actually implemented and in the reported locations? Do you have an indisputable means of verification of the activities implemented? How long does it take to for the field officers to generate all the reports with all their busy schedules?

AMERL System suite provides all the answers to all these and more questions. AMERL System’s simple automated activity reporting tool with integrated mandatory GPS Location and activity photo features ensure instant reporting of all activities undertaken in the field.

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